Kutumb NGO, Varanasi

Kutumb Shelter House

Kutumb Village


Located  in the city near railways station of Varanasi, Nadesar is the place where it all started in the year 2005.
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Kutumb NGO

“Kutumb” is the Hindi word for family. Kutumb was started in Varanasi in 2002 by the couple Dr. Ashish and Ms. Puja to attend to slum children and children abandoned at the railway station by giving them a sense of family and belonging.

Kutumb focuses on children and realizes that they can be nurtured best in a family setting. Therefore, Kutumb is also dedicated to strengthen all units of marginalized & underprivileged families. Hence, Women Empowerment is an indispensable part of our projects.

Located away from the city and close to the Airport in Varanasi, Kutumb Village is home to 44 orphan children who are growing in a family based environment.
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''Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam''

One World, One Family !

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