Kutumb NGO, Varanasi

Dr Ashish

A trained medical professional in Alternative Medicine specialised in Ayurved-the oldest form of Medical Practice known in the world, Dr. Ashish teamed up with his wife Puja to realise the dream to start Kutumb. He also works relentlessly to de-addict such children who are using drugs to remain oblivious of reality of being unloved and uncared. A dedicated soul to the cause works to achieve their goal, Dr. Ashish is the man to whom these children look up to as their guiding angel.


Vivek is a young man with immense experience of specialised social work in Medical and Education Sector. He did his Masters in Social Work from Banaras Hindu University, one of the most revered Universities of India. He is a founding member & pillar of Kutumb. A vivacious reader Vivek has excellent communication ability


A young girl dreamed to become change herself to attain the change she wanted to bring in the lives of children who were craving for care and love since their birth in the streets of Varanasi, a small but known as the most holy place for Hindus in northern part of India. With this mindset, she enrolled herself to do her Masters in Social Work. She sowed the seed, along with her equally dedicated and determined husband, which grown up today as Kutumb, a shelter for such kids full of love and care.


After completing her graduation from Salem International College, Nicola started training as a nurse and worked in Freiburg University Hospital. From an early age on, she was interested in India and the work of Mother Teresa. In 2002 she left her job and travelled through India for four months. During this time she also worked for various organisations as a volunteer in Kolkata and then in Varanasi. This is where she met Dr. Ashish and Puja in 2003. After coming back to Germany she started raising money to support them and several trips to Varanasi followed. In 2004 she co-founded the organization "Kutumb-Familie für Benares". Today she is mother of two children and works in a part time job as a nurse & addiction counsellor for Salem International College. Nicola is one of the most important & dynamic member of Kutumb family.