Kutumb NGO, Varanasi

Kutumb Village is the Residential Child Care centre of Kutumb situated at Babatpur, near Varanasi Airport. It is a home of children and care-taking staff which has been built with the support from the organization Vision Builders, USA. This place also serves as a Community Development & Health Care centre. The vision of Kutumb manifests itself in Kutumb Village as you can feel the love, inclusion and family spirit in the campus. Children are always engaged in study, games, workshops, music, dance, yoga and our supporters & volunteers keep coming regularly to share their love & care. All this together keeps this place exuberant which fills life in everything and at the same time there is a certain serenity in the arena which gives a long lasting peace.

We invite you to visit Kutumb Village and meet our children. For many it is a life time experience and for rest of them it is the beginning of a life time relationship.

Kutumb Village

Some Pictures from Kutumb Village